Sunday, September 13, 2009

Raita (cucumber and yogurt salad)

This is a staple in our home. It is a traditional Indian food which is actually supposed to be used more like a garnish, but I end up heaping it over spicy Indian food to cool it off.

Here's my version of Raita, plain and simple!

-Plain yogurt
-ground cumin
-dash of milk

Pour yogurt into a big bowl, with a dash of milk to thin out the consistency only a little bit. Mix in 2 tsp of ground cumin (but keep going if you want more!). Dice up some cucumbers and toss them in. MMMmmmm enjoy. Tradtionally served with chopped onions and tomatoes inside as well, but I never seem to get around to adding those.


  1. Yummy! This sounds much like a Persian recipe called Douk (Spelling?). They add dill, not cumin.

  2. Stephanie, I think I would REALLY like Persian food ;) I really want to learn how to prepare more Middle Eastern foods.